Intel wants to flood US and Europe with £150 laptops

Intel-based Ultra Cheap laptops are all other the news and it looks certain now that the semiconductor giant is going to sell these laptops which are set to start at £150 in Europe and the US.

Although the OLPC, later renamed XO laptop, has been credited with launching the idea of a cheap laptop destined primarily at the third world and emerging countries masses of children, Intel and Asus were the ones who applied a heavy dose of pragmatism and pushed the ultra cheap laptop to the mainstream markets.

The Asus EEE is the best known Classmate-class computer and more than 350,000 have been sold.

Intel has also announced that they have already started work on a version 2 and version 3 of the Classmate platform which will give added flexibility to the manufacturers and Intel could eventually develop a Centrino-like platform for the Classmate.

The chip manufacturer has recently unveiled the low cost, low price Diamondville platform which includes the cheap Atom processors and with plans to bring peripheral features like graphics and sound capabilities on the chip itself, Intel looks ready to take on the challenge of the OLPC and contenders for the next billion x86 computers.