UK Citizens worry more over data losses

A survey carried out for the Information Commissioner's office by ICM has found out that half of the respondents no longer trust the way their personal data is protected by government and other private institutions like banks.

Seven out of ten say that they feel powerless about the way their personal information is being treated, especially after the HMRC disaster which saw the UK government lose the personal details of 25 million Child benefit claimants.

When it comes to their own data, UK citizens are more careful than ever about where they tread, in fact, eight of our 10 people surveyed say that they were taking more care of their personal information.

More than 85 percent of the sample polled said they checked their bank statements more often as before and a similar proportion refrain from giving out their details where possible.

The recent high profile data losses as well as well publicised Identity theft case have helped to change the way people treat their personal information.

David Smith, the Deputy Commissioner of ICO added "Taking care of our personal information has never been so important and, as the research shows, a majority of us are now much more aware of the value of our personal details."