Acer new laptop to compete with Asus EEE on Price

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Digitimes is reporting that Acer, one of the biggest Taiwanese hardware manufacturer, will pitch its new low-cost laptop for up to $50 less than the second generation of EEE PC laptops.

Both laptops are said to come with a 8.9-inch LCD and will appear as from next month while several other companies like ECS and MSI introducing their own low cost laptops over the summer, in the build up for the back-to-school period in September.

The unannounced Acer laptop and the Asus EEE laptop will almost certainly use the same underlying architecture; the Intel Atom is the prime suspect because of its excellent performance/price ratio; AMD and VIA better watch out.

Cheap ultra portable laptops will cause problems at the other end of the spectrum with over-priced micro-laptops like the £1600 Panasonic R7 Premium Edition 2008 having a hard time to justify their price.