Are Intel partners too greedy when it comes to new 2Go/Classmate notebooks?

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Engadget has more info regarding new Intel's Classmate/Netbook laptop; one of the distributors is understood to be Computer Technology Link or CTL and will sell the laptop under the name 2go PC.

We did cover the Netbook here.

The 2Go is not currently on CTL's website although Engadget managed to get hold of what appears to be a marketing pamphlet.

It is unknown whether CTL actually produces the laptop or whether it is one of the many wholesalers that will rebadge and resell laptops produced en masse in Asia.

The 2Go is presented as a complete, customizable hardware and software solution featuring real PC performance and simplified wireless connectivity.

The laptop is expected to retail at around $400 which would put it head to head against similarly priced traditional laptops with larger screens, more memory and more powerful processors.

Also the laptop will support Linux, the Windows XP logo features prominently both on the marketing leaflet and on the working laptop.

The 2Go will come with a Celeron M processor running at up to 1GHz, up to 1GB memory, a 9-inch LCD monitor with a digital LVDS interface, a 40GB SATA disk with a card reader.

The laptop will also support Wireless LAN as well as open mesh support and will have an integrated camera.

Note that the 2Go will come with a nice handle and a 4-cell Li-Ion battery which will apparently power the laptop for up to 3 hours.