ATEN's new Multimedia-aware KVMs introduce USB ports and more

KVMs are set to take on a bigger role as ATEN International's recent releases point to. The KVM manufacturer has released a KVM switch which also controls other peripherals as well and introduces audio ports.

The CS1732B and CS1734B are aimed at the SOHO users and allow up to four computers to be controlled from a single keyboard, mouse and monitor.

The solution is also compatible with legacy PS2 ports and USB devices as well as offering 2-port USB ports to which peripherals will be connected like printers, VoIP phones or even Webcams.

It also opens the way for potential KVM hacks since the USB ports will have direct access to the KVM.

KVMs are essential devices if you want to build a multi-monitor setup (like the one which we evaluated here).

They also have front LEDs and support widescreen resolutions.

Both KVMs are compatible with Sun and Mac Keyboards and support Linux and Vista; they also come with lifetime firmware upgrade service and are available for less than £85 + VAT