Families are losing their kids as technology takes over

A study by British think tank Institute for Public Policy Research revealed that British Children, aged between 13 and 18, are spending more than 20 hours a week online; that's over and above the time spent playing console games and/or staying glued in front of the telly.

Social networking websites like Bebo, Myspace and Facebook have attracted tens of millions of young people and according to the IPPR, are effectively being "raised online", a worrying trend that also highlights the state of tech-illiteracy that's plaguing today's generation of parents.

In a statement, Kay Withers, IPPR research fellow and report author, said that "The Internet offers great benefits and opportunities for young people, but with kids spending an ever increasing amount of time online, parents need to be reassured about what they are looking at"

The Think tank has also recommended that Ofcom, which acts as the regulating authority in UK, should highlight potential issues and problems caused by "harmful" internet content.

The report has also suggested that websites that are popular with the younger generation should be monitored to some extent and their behaviour evaluated so as to protect children online.

More than 80 percent of children in the UK aged between 5 and 15 have access to the internet at home and this is set to rise as the UK government is pushing forward with plans to extend internet access to all families in UK.