Google eyeing TV's White Space in preparation for Android Assault

Google has started a lobbying process to be granted the use of the so called TV "White space", a term used to describe unused TV broadcast channels between channels 2 and 51.

The company has been joined by a number of other tech companies like Microsoft and Dell to free up these channels to be used by personal devices.

In a letter to the Federal Communications Commission on Monday, Google urged the government to take the step in a bid to allow more personal devices to use the internet.

Richard Whitt, Google's Telecommunications counsel, coined the expression "Wi-Fi on Steroids" or Wi-Fi 2.0, when referring to it.

Google was outbid last week by Verizon Wireless which managed to grab the 700MHz Wireless Spectrum "open access" block.

Whitt also tipped that Android phones could appear as early as July 2008, which makes sense if Google and its other partners want to benefit from the back-to-school shopping period.

The second half of the year could also be a crunch period as Apple is expected to release an updated version of its iPhone with 3G support.