More tales of non-excellence from BT Business

Regular readers will recall my story about BT Business' utter cock-up on a new business line I ordered earlier this month (see story here )

BT Business promised faithfully to unravel the mess and transfer the line from little ol' me - the company secretary - over to the company name which appeared on the original order.

Except that this morning I got a bill for the installation costs of the line, as well as five days line rental - and 361 days "early termination charge" - an overcharge of £176.55 (plus VAT).

Business sales have promised faithfully to sort out the mess, but I'm not holding my breath.

Since my original story ran on March 12, quite a few people have related similar tales of installation woe at the hands of BT Business.

It's only when you Google for "BT" and "Complaints" that the true awfulness of the situation becomes apparent. Check out the first site that the Google search returns.

If you want to hear what really happens when a BT customer reaches brain implosion, though, click here.

I rest my case. If you're reading this BT, all I can say is... NO CARRIER