Russian malware site values PC infections by country

Interesting to read that MessageLabs has revealed a Russkie malware infections site that offers wodges of e-cash depending on how many PCs - and their location- hackers can infect with its spyware.

The spyware infections are reported to be a doddle to engineer on legitimate sites, using a single line of code to route hapless punters onto auto-malware loading pages,

What's really interesting, however, isn't that the Installscash site offers US$100 per '000 infected computers in Australia, but the fact that this is twice the price for US infected computers and four times

the level payable for Dutch infected computers.

The list provides an insight into the security levels, as well as the revenue potential, of infected country botnet groups of Internet users.

The fact that Australia comes top of the list, followed by the UK and Italy at $60.00 per '000 infections, suggests that Australia, UK and Italian Internet users' computers are more difficult to infect than, say, those located in France, the Netherlands, Denmark, Spain and Greece, whose infected PCs are worth just $25.00 per '000.

It's also worrying to see that US infected users are only worth $50.00 per '000 infections. This suggests to me that US business and consumer Internet users need to pull their socks up on the Internet security front...