Windows Seven will be Modular, introducing PAYG subscription

The successor to Windows Vista, Seven, could be a modular operating system according to Mary Jo Foley of All about Microsoft.

The blogger suggests that Microsoft will adopt Windows 2008's role based delivery and allow users to choose which part of Windows they want to install or not

This would ensure that Microsoft does not land in hot waters again over the use of the word "capable".

ArsTechnica, on the other hand, assures that Windows Seven will definitely be modular; they broke the story around Windows Seven Minicore, also known as MinWin.

Windows Vista has some degree of modularity as all versions of Windows Vista, at least the consumer versions, come on a single DVD which can be upgraded or downgraded depending on whether you have the appropriate license or not.

We are also aware of Microsoft's timid push to get its customers to adopt subscription which not only guarantees that recurring revenues for Microsoft but also sweetens the pill for the purchasers which would find it easier to fork out £10 per month for three years rather than £400 once every 3 years.

The next Windows Operating System could also have more add-ons in the form of services that users could add or remove, something that's highly likely given the fact that Microsoft services like now allow patches and applications to be remotely installed on Windows customers' computers.