Canadian public TV latches on to BitTorrent

Considering the fact that BitTorrent is most definitely not the current flavour of the moment, I was intrigued to hear that the Canadian public broadcasting service is embracing the technology as a distribution platform for one of its major TV shows.

The Canadian PBS move follows on from a similar initiative in Norway, but CBC says the main reason for going down the BitTorrent path was the fact that it can distribute its programming on a DRM-free basis.

This week sees CBC using BitTorrent to distribute this year's broadcast of Canada's Next Great Prime Minister, an annual competition in which young people propose ways of improving the country in the hope of winning C$50,000.

Last tear the program had more than a million viewers, so CBC is hoping for great things for its BitTorrent distribution. The user experience, however, may be a little different than they expected.

US broadcasters are reported to be watching the CBC trial with great interest. As are a lot of North American ISPs, I shouldn't wonder..