HD-DVD drives prices slashed as technology becomes obsolete

As HD-DVD technology fades on the horizon, prices and stocks are dropping faster than expected.

E-tailers are getting rid of their remaining HD-DVD hardware as the average price of a HD DVD-ROM drive dropped to around £15 nationwide.

However, stocks are dwindling just as fast. E-plenish is one of the rare e-tailers to have some stock of the Toshiba SD H802A drive which have been purchased by geeks who want to add the drive to Microsoft's Xbox 360 gaming console.

And while most storage device manufacturers have already announced that they were canning plans to release Blu-Ray/HD-DVD combos, Buffalo has just released the BRHC-6316U2, a Blu-ray - and HD DVD - combo drive that can both read/write Blu-ray and read HD DVD.

The drive, which still costs around £300, comes with Secure Lock Ware Software for Windows and Nero 8 Software for the same platform.