Pictures of the new Asus EEE PC 900 laptop appear online

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The second generation Asus laptop, known as the Asus EEE PC 900, will come with a marginally bigger 8.9-inch touchscreen according to Kevin Lin, VP of Sales at Asus.

Engadget has pictures of the next iteration of the EEE PC 900 and according to the laptop manual, it will come with a Macbook Air like "multi-finger gesture input" which will prove useful in certain applications.

The EEE PC 900 will be priced at around $500 which will probably mean that it will cost around £299 in the UK. At which price, it will compete against the likes of the £280 HP 530 Business Laptop which sports a more powerful processor, Windows Vista, 1GB memory and a huge 120GB drive.

According to uncited sources, the EEE PC 900 will come with 1GB memory as standard and will feature SSD of up to 12GB capacity. It is not known whether the current EEE laptop will still be sold and whether the EEE900 will come with an updated software package.

Other sources also claim that the EEE PC 900 could come with GPS capabilities and there are already a few suggestions about WIMAX features as well.