Son of C64 and Amiga could be key(board) to Asus success

Cybernet has always been a proponent of minimalist PCs, most of the time hidden inside larger than life keyboards. The latest Cybernet PC, the Zero-Footprint PC ZPC-GX31, could be described as an updated C64 or Amiga 1200, both from legendary Commodore.

The ZPC-GX31 supports Quad core processors (only from Intel though), up to 4GB memory and 750GB storage capacity (ed: surely this is 1TB now).

There's also a laptop like DVD writer on the side - no slot in version unfortunately.

The Keyboard PC, which looks like a doorstep, has an integrated touchpad and can power up to 2 monitors although it doesn't have any wireless connectivity.

Cybernet though missed a few things that could have made the GX31 an instant success: there's two fans (which will surely spin faster than they should), a parallel and two PS2 ports (who needs them) and the touchpad is placed on the left hand side.. not handy for right hand users.

An AMD version would have been welcomed as well.

The GX-31 costs only £350 with a Core 2 Duo Processor which ain't that much and you can grab a refurbished ZPC Elite-4 model with a lesser spec for as little as £200, without any operating system.

Cybernet is based in the US though and apparently, they have no UK distributors.

Now, blessed be the laptop manufacturer who will innovate by launching the first headless laptop; Dell could certainly get a £200 Vostro 1000 Headless laptop like the one below complete with OS and wireless connectivity

And Asus will certainly grab the headlines if it launches a screenless version of its popular Asus EEE PC laptop; you can see a model and read more about it here.