256GB Solid State Disk to spark Flash floods

Super Talent, one of the better known memory manufacturers out there, has announced that it will be selling a 256GB 2.5-inch Solid state drive called the Consumer SATA25-S for only $5950, that's "only" £11.50 per GB.

That's not bad when compared to the rest of the SSD market but it is still more than 100x price of traditional hard disk drives.

The Consumer SATA25-S, which comes in a metal enclosure, is thicker than most 1.8-inch (9.5mm) hard drives that equip the bulk of the laptops on the market but it will fit blade servers and other devices that can accommodate it.

Thanks to its standard SATA interface, users will be able to swap it easily with their existing drives and appears to be build using the cheaper but less reliable Multi Level Cell.

That said, the drive is still a potent storage device with an access time of only 0.1ms and sequential read/write speeds of 65MB/sec and 50MB/sec respectively.

The drive uses a 5-volt power supply and would support a shock of up to 1500G when in operation.