AMD launches Triple-core and Quad-core Phenom CPUs

AMD formally announced that it has brought to market a few new Phenom-based processors including an intriguing triple-core processor, the first of its kind, known as the X3.

It seems that instead of discarding processors with one non-working core, AMD has chosen to rebadge them and sell them as Triple-core.

This could be a bad omen indicating that AMD either has too many faulty quad core CPUs around which it needs to get rid off; conversely, if the X3 proves to be a huge hit, it might impact on its quad core sales as well.

The two triple-core processors are the X3 8400 and the X3 8600, running at 2.1GHz and 2.3GHz respectively, which will be marketed as "better than dual core, almost worth a quad core" in-betweens.

Amongst the numerous new AMD Quadcore processors unveiled, the most interesting of them is the low-power 65w X4 9100e which integrates a number of new AMD energy-efficient features like Cool'n'Quiet 2.0 and CoolCore technology which activates or turns off parts of the processor on the fly.

The new announcements come a few weeks after AMD launched its new 780G chipset which combined with the newly launched processors will finally bring some good news to AMD

The X3 8400 could be priced around £75 while the X3 8600 should cost an extra £15.