British PM first in Europe to embrace Twittering

It could be a fad, it could even be a hoax (like the Fake Steve Jobs Blog) but for now, believe the hype and visit the official Twitter channel for the Prime Minister's Office based at 10 Downing Street.

Someone in the Entourage of Gordon Brown could be geeky enough to set up a Twitterfeed account AND a Twitter account; not that it is particularly difficult to put in place; twitterfeed just pastes your RSS feed on your Twitter account.

That said, Downing Street's twitterings have attracted nearly 200 followers and although only official press releases and announcements are currently being twittered, that could change as the election approaches and Gordon Brown become bolder.

Gordon Brown's office already offer podcasts, videos, emails, web chats and many more channels of communication, a real savvy media PM it seems.

Simon Dickson from PR firm Puffbox was the first one to flag this one up after he had a chat with No 10’s new head of digital media and posted the news straight from his mobile phone ... on his twitter.