FAST getting heavy on eBay users?

Not before time, FAST, the Federation Against Software Theft has announced plans to take legal action against people selling pirated software through online auction Web sites.

FAST's move follows on from an announcement made by the US-based Software and Information Industry Association, which has launched no less than 17 auction piracy actions against individuals selling counterfeit software through eBay.

eBay itself seems to have gotten its act together when it comes to banning pirated software sales this past few months - I was looking for a low-cost Adobe package for a pal in Spain the other week end ended up going to DABS for the software, such was the dearth of well-priced legit software.

And nary a pirate copy in sight, it seemed.

Which is quite good when it comes to the great scheme of things. It also helps the software companies, which is also good.

FAST says that buyers should be aware that the cheap software they buy, although pretending to be wallet-friendly can often be loaded with viruses and spyware.

It is also likely, says FAST, that the version they are purchasing online could also be incomplete or may not provide any instruction booklet or customer support.

Customer support - you don't say -Ed.

According to John Lovelock, FAST's CEO, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to work out that software that should cost upwards of £100 that is being sold on an auction site for a few pounds is likely to be


"While our focus continues to be on corporate misuse, and the use of high speed corporate internet links for questionable Internet activity, we will continue to pursue individuals that set out to defraud our members," he said.

You have been warned..