Asus pushes software development kit for EEE platform

Rather than seeing the EEE as one line of product, it seems that Asus is considering pushing its EEE family (desktop + PC) as a standalone platform, with the recent release of a dedicated software development kit.

Like Google and Apple announcement for the Googlephone and the iPhone respectively, the SDK seeks to encourage third party developers to code and enrich the EEE environment.

In a statement issued last week, Asus said that the SDK will provide "a complete development platform, including an Eee PC-compatible Open Circulation Edition of the Xandros Desktop OS, the Eclipse [integrated] development environment, a Qt4 toolkit, a developer's guide, sample applications and a multilingual VMware testing and debugging environment".

Interestingly, the inclusion of VMWare means that developers could create entire EEE environments on their desktops before releasing the code and the applications to the laptop itself.

The SDK documentation released by Asus also mentions the desktop version of the EEE, also known as the E-DT, which is widely expected to be released in Q2.

More than five million EEE laptops are scheduled to be sold in 2008 although PC Pro reckons that around 70 percent of EEE orders are currently unfulfilled.

Asus has also predicted that 60 percent of the EEE PC sales in 2008 will be Windows-based, that amouns for around 3 millions devices.

The Software Development Kit is available as a free download from Asus's own Web site or the Sourceforge Web site.

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