How much power will be needed in the future?

Within a few years leading analysts believe that expenditure on power could leap from about 10 percent of the average IT budget to more like 50 percent.

So the arguments for ‘greening’ the data centre and reducing its power consumption have real teeth in the Boardroom.

But what are the obstacles? Actually within most companies these are substantially organisational.

One historical problem has been the fact that electrical bills are sent out long after charges are incurred.

No clear link exists between particular decisions, like the installation of new equipment or the introduction of greener operational practices and the increased cost of the electricity.

In fact, the electricity bill is often viewed as an inevitable event that most managers do not even consider trying to influence.

Billed IT electrical costs do not usually come within the responsibility or budget of the data centre manager and are often lumped into a larger electrical bill for a whole site or company.