Nokia dips toe in mobile VoIP sector with the 6300i

Mobile phone manufacturer Nokia has released another VoIP aware mobile phone after its surprisingly good Skypephone (which is unfortunately only available on 3).

Nokia did also release a number of VoIP enabled smartphones in the past including the N95, the N80 and the Nokia 770 Tablet Phone but the Finnish telecoms giant could have cracked a tough nut by going for cheaper less feature-ladden VoIP Mobile phones.

The 6300i, which is an upgrade from the original 6300, offers a fully functional VoIP client combined with a GSM mobile phone, starting at only 175 Euros before discounts and subsidies and has been announced for Q2 in Europe.

The phone allows up to two thousand VoIP, home, and mobile numbers to be listed side-by-side and dedicated WLAN and VoIP symbols show the connection status and type of phone call, whether it is using GSM network or VoIP.

This means that the phone can make calls using hotspots or via mobile internet connections.

Other features include a 2MP digital camera, 30MB onboard memory, a 512MB microSD card, a MP3 player and an FM Radio.

Amongst the various applications installed are the Opera Mini internet Browser, Nokia Maps, WidSets and Download!