Virgin Media could introduce strict anti piracy measures soon

Virginmedia could be the first British company to target music sharers and implement the dreaded "three strikes" solution to piracy.

In an article published by the Telegraph earlier today, a Virgin Media spokesman said that "We have been in discussions with rights holders organisations about how a voluntary scheme could work. We are taking this problem seriously and would favour a sensible voluntary solution."

The UK government is widely expected to make an announcement next month on how widespread illegal piracy of audio and video files could be reduced through the intervention of online Internet Service Providers.

The ISP sector has been given until April next year to clean out their acts and introduce a voluntary scheme to resolve the piracy issue.

In February 2008, the Times Online reported that the UK government was pondering on a new framework to address the piracy issue which would take the same route as the French which have already announced a "three-strike and you are out" scenario.

The British Phonographic Industry is said to be working closely with Virginmedia to trace out what broadband users are downloading/sharing music files and get matching names and addresses to which notices will be sent.

It is unknown whether entities representing the Software industry and the Movie industry are willing to follow the same route; needless to say that whatever will happen at will be closely scrutinised by all parties.