Apple will top sales of 45 million iPhones in 2009 says analyst

Piper Jaffray analyst, Gene Munster, is being quoted by as saying that Apple will sell 45 million of its fruit flavoured iPhone mobile devices, that's a four times the sales volume it expects in 2008.

Although that is optimist and Gene Munster always had an analyst crunch on Apple going as far back as 2004, there are a few steps that Apple could implement to boost its iPhone phone sales substantially.

Apple could sell unlocked iPhones for a start, something that it will surely do by 2009 as exclusivity contracts end worldwide; Apple does not sell locked iPod, so why continue selling locked iPhones.

Apple should introduce a 3G version of the iPhone which looks like a certainty now given that it is one of the most popular features existing and prospective iPhone customers look for, plus 3G would allow the iPhone to be used worldwide.

Making the iPhone a worldwide commodity should be next on the list: there's currently no iPhones on sale in China, India and Japan which lives a vacuum which iPhone clone manufacturers have been quite happy to fill.

More sales will be achieved by lowering the prices to $200; just like for the iPod, having a more complete range will help boost sales and revenues with a 8GB, non GPS iPhone (iPhone Lite) as entry level and a 64GB GPS-capable iPhone at the helm.

To make the iPhone a success, Apple has to follow the footsteps of the iPod.