McAfee tries Test-a-Spam experiment for a month

Mc Afee has announced that it will conduct an experiment with 50 volunteers to find out the extent of spam has invaded and influenced daily internet users' life, 30 years after the first spam email was sent.

The experiment, called the S.P.A.M (Spammed Persistently All Month) experiment, is a tribute to Morgan Spurlock's attempt to live on Mc Donald's fast food for 30 days in his award winning documentary, "Supersize me".

The 50 volunteers chosen will be keeping an online diary of their SPAM related experiences; five UK users have been chosen - including a 66 year old retired web user - and their computers will have anti-spam protection removed.

They will also have to trawl through their webmails's junk email and sign or respond to all the unsolicited commercial emails they receive.

Each guinea pig will receive £250 to be spent on everything from Fake Viagras and Nigerian banking scam.

To give you an idea of what's awaiting them, a quick count in the office showed that the average junk email folder received a whopping 90 Spam emails in the last 10 hours.

Commenting on the project, Dave DeWalt, chief executive officer of Mc Afee said "Cybercrime won't go away without solving the problem of spam, This experiment will raise awareness of the problem by showing that a 30-day diet of spam is bad for your online health.