3 UK partners with SonyBMG to debut ad-funded music video service

Mobile phone operator 3 UK has launched what seems to be the first ad supported, commercial mobile music video service in association with SonyBMG Music Entertainment.

Earlier last week, we reported on SonyBMG's attempt to start a paid for service, costing up to £72 per annum, which would provide the subscribers will unlimited access to its song catalog.

The service, which can be accessed through 3's music homepage, is powered by Rhythm Newmedia and is available to all 3 UK customers who can as from yesterday, watch the favourite music videos from SonyBMG artists on their mobile phones anywhere and at any time for free.

The service displays short, targeted video advertising which compensates for any data charges incurred by 3 and will be offered in complement to the existing 3MusicStore.

3, which has over 3 million active customers in the UK, has not disclosed whether it is in discussion with other music service providers like Universal to strike similar deals.