Conduct an audit for a ‘quick win’ to save energy

Tools for modeling the electrical costs in data centres are not widely available and are not often used during data centre design.

This denies the decision-makers sufficient information during the planning and purchasing phases to pay appropriate attention to the energy costs of the data centre across its full life cycle.

So where does a company start? Clearly addressing organisational barriers to managing efficiency has to be on the agenda and ensuring that accountability for the power costs of running the data centre resides with the managers who have the ability to reduce energy consumption makes good sense.

Additionally an audit of the data centre will usually identify pragmatic opportunities for ‘quick wins’ for saving energy and operating a ‘greener’ facility.

These can make an immediate difference to the data centre’s energy consumption and change the culture in which it operates – in fact encouraging staff and management to adopt some green ‘quick wins’ can make an excellent foundation for the more strategic, longer term, power reducing and cost saving initiatives of the future.