Craigslist-driven possessions theft was a botched crime

It seems that the fake adverts on the Craigslist service in the US, which resulted in an Oregon man having most of his stuff lifted from his house, wasn't a hoax after all - it was a botched cover job for a


According to US newswire reports, Oregon deputies arrested a couple in Medford earlier this week, claiming that the pair stolen a stack of stuff from Robert Salisbury's garage a few days before they placed a fake Craigslist posting.

The theft appears to have been opportunistic, as the couple - Amber and Brandon Herbert - visited Salisbury's house as it was up for rent, stole a couple of horse saddles and other stuff, and then posted the advert to cover their tracks.

How crazy is that?

The big question is - who pays for Salisbury's belongings getting taken? His insurers or Craigslist?

Answers on a dollar bill, please, to the usual address...