A Glimpse at Firefox 4.0; How Mozilla wants to follow Microsoft footsteps

With Firefox 3.0 out by September, Chris Beard, VP of Mozilla Labs, has mapped out what the future Firefox 4 internet browser will look like.

Rafe Needleman, from Webware, found out that Beard wants to radically change the way Browsers have evolved in the last decade; ironically, he wants the browser to be tied more closely with the computer it is running on, something for which Microsoft, Mozilla's arch-rival, has been punished harshly in the past after having coalesced Windows and Internet Explorer.

Beard revealed that Firefox will see the apparition of Prism and Weave. The first one is something akin of Microsoft's Silverlight (more a Flash competitor though), Adobe's AIR or Google's Gear; a platform which allows application developers to come up with Web apps that have a "desktop" feel and, more importantly, which can be used offline.

Whether the big three will allow Firefox to reign unchallenged is something that remains to be seen; after all, Mozilla is still an open source project, although it does generate some tidy profits.

As for Weave, it aims to standardise the way users experience internet browsing; in an era where web access through multiple devices (office desktop, home laptop, smartphones etc); something that Google with Sync is attempting to do.

But Weave will go beyond that by incorporating this feature in Firefox itself and Beard reckons that future Firefox versions will have beefed up security properties.