Microsoft and AT&T to introduce Surface-based devices on April 17

Microsoft Surface has been one of the more innovative products to come out of Microsoft's research labs; the software company has announced yesterday, April 1st, that it will collaborate with AT&T to seed Microsoft Surface devices in selected AT&T stores.

The Surface is a 30-inch table-like display that gives individuals or multiple people the opportunity to interact with devices and content in a way that feels familiar - by using touch, gestures and placement of devices on the display and is Microsoft's first commercially available surface/horizontal computer.

AT&T aims to use the Surface to give its retail store visitors the opportunity to learn about other electronics devices; the interactive touch displays, which will work without a traditional mouse or keyboard, will allow customers to learn, explore and customise electronic devices with particular emphasis on mobile phones.

Microsoft has not published any formal release dates when the Surface would be available in high street computer stores like PC World.

Dutch-based consumer electronics specialist Philips also have a similar concept that they call Entertaible which aims more at traditional gamers but which utilise the same technology (large LCD, sophisticated touch screen-based multi-object position detection).