Samsung launches 3G'ed Instinct; iPhone rival is real threat

The Samsung Instinct will get heads turning, not least because of its close resemblance to Apple's iConic mobile phone; they look like twins separated at birth.

The Korean manufacturer's phone however it slightly thinner than the iPhone; Gizmodo and Product-reviews call it the first decent iPhone competitor and it is easy to see why.

First it is a 3G mobile phone, which means that you can now surf the internet at neck breaking speeds, something that the iPhone is conspicuously incapable of at the moment; perhaps the Instinct will provide with the proverbial kick.

It has a much larger touchscreen (3.1 inch, 240x432 pixels) compared to its other non-iPhone competitors and it features an Apples-que Tilt Navigation control.

Then it costs only $300 (that's £150) which is nearly half the price of the iPhone and it will be available worldwide; two more cookie points for the Apple Phone competitor.

Although the iPhone comes with a much higher storage capacity, the Instinct supports EV-DO Rev A and true GPS and offers a 2.0MP camera with recorder.

But the two finger zoom-in, zoom-out won't work on the phone and you can't use more than one finger to input data on there... Ouch.

The phone is currently available in the US on the Sprint Network for a monthly $100 monthly subscription fee.