Deutsche Telekom/T-Mobile sues Engadget; copyrights Magenta colour

It is not a late April joke; Deutsche Telekom, which owns of the global T-Mobile brand, has asked popular Gadget website Engadget to stop using the Magenta colour in its logo via a nice letter its legal department sent to the US website.

Engadget took the step of actually publishing the legal missive on its website, failing which, more action will be taken by Deutsche Telekom.

It will be interesting to see whether DT backs off from what could be a potentially very embarrassing Public Relations blunder, especially as other websites like Phone Arena have changed the default colour of their website to magenta in support of Engadget.

And it is not the first time that this has happened. was a site created to make people aware about the fact that Deutsche Telekom has registered the Magenta colour (Ed : Can we really register a colour?) at the European Brand Office.

The bright pink colour (also known as RGB alias 255-0-144) is named after the city Magenta in Northern Italy.

In the same vein, one can expect IBM "Big Blue" to register Prussian Blue while Coca-Cola could start considering getting "Blood Red".