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Facebook being used for distribution of child torture pix

I was dismayed to read that security researchers with FaceTime Communications (opens in new tab), the secure IM and IP communications specialists, claim to have uncovered an attack methodology in which profiles on Facebook are being used to post images of child torture.

This nasty business has just been reported by Chris Boyd (opens in new tab), director of malware research at FaceTime.

Boyd claims (opens in new tab) in a blog posting (opens in new tab) that he has discovered multiple instances of the attacks in which accounts were stolen and used to post photos on other pages.

"I'm still trying to process this, but one of my close contacts has confirmed there is someone going around either hijacking, hacking or phishing user accounts on Facebook, then randomly uploading pictures of child torture to their funwall," he said in his blog.

Boyd adds that the problem was reported to Facebook weeks ago, but that the service failed to respond to the reports.

Having said that, Facebook is quoted as saying it had not received any reports of the incidents. Well, it would say that, wouldn't it?

As a result of his findings, Boyd is advising (opens in new tab) punters to keep a close eye on their Facebook accounts, both on a security level and also if they click through to nasty material like this.

"Obviously, if you are at work (or even at home) and you suddenly click into the kind of material mentioned above, you could get into all sorts of trouble real fast," he wrote...