Google ruthless; fires 25 percent of US Doubleclick staff

One has to wonder whether firing staff is evil or not; In the first time ever, Google is said to have fired several hundred employees as it takes the Doubleclick acquisition up to the next level.

Google has acknowledged in a statement that there has been a reduction in the number of employees "Since our acquisition of DoubleClick closed on March 11, we have been working to match and align DoubleClick employees in the U.S. with our organizational plan for the business. As with many mergers, this review has resulted in a reduction in headcount at the acquired company

Doublelick, whose platform interfaces between publishers and advertisers, had 1,500 employees worlwide at the time of acquisition, while Google employs nearly 17,000.

In related news, Google will sell Performics, a unit of Doubleclick, which helps websites improve their results on online search engine like Google and Yahoo; the intimate relationship between Google and Performics had been criticised by many observers (see Google's conflict of interest : Trouble ahead in advertising?)