Shop by SMS service launched by Amazon

E-tailer giant has debut a new mobile service called TextBuyIt whic allows its customers to use text messages to purchases items from; the company has not specified whether the service would be available outside US.

Mobile phone users can search for any product sold by Amazon simply by texting the item's name or a search term to "AMAZON".

A few seconds later, the user will be sent matching products and prices and consumers can make the purchase by replying to that second email using a number string.

From thereon, Amazon representatives will make the call to secure the purchase although potential customers could also use the TextBuyIt service to compare instore prices in brick and mortar stores to the e-tailer ones.

The practice of adding texting to shopping is something popular in South East Asian countries like Korea or Japan but it remains to be seen whether Western countries will follow the trend.

Amazon already has a dedicated mobile website and a mobile iPhone website which offers the majority of functions available on its main website.

TextBuyIt is not free though as you will have to pay your service provider for the texts being sent and as one tester reports, it is not always convenient as texts have to be sent to-and-fro.