Carphone Warehouse boss hits at UK music industry

In an interview given to BBC Technology Journalist, Rory Cellan-Jones, Charles Dunstone, the CEO of Carphone Warehouse criticised the attitude of the BPI (British Phonographic Industry) which represents the UK music industry towards the ISP sector.

The BPI sent what Talktalk, the third largest Internet service provider in the country, is considering as "a declaration of war"; the missive urges ISPs to tell their users that filesharing is not acceptable and that these users should be banned if they continue indulging in illegal P2P.

Carphone Warehouse has also alleged that the BPI will prosecute ISPs who refuse to cooperate within 14 days.

File-sharing is not an illegal activity per se, but sharing data like music, software or movies is illegal if not sanctioned by the copyright holders and P2P activity costs money as it is growing fast and accounts for two fifth of the internet traffic online.

Charles Dunstone is said to be miffed because he doesn't want to police its own customers - for-profit companies want to keep and gain news customers, not vice-versa, and he reckons that the music industry is blaming the ISP sector for their own failure to adapt.

So we could find ourselves facing a situation slightly similar to the current mortgage crisis where Internet Service Providers would only serve "good" customers who do not indulge in P2P activity and within a set transfer limit, something that is already being applied to the nascent Wireless Broadband segment.