iPhone used more for surf and music than to talk; 3G out soon?

According to technology analyst firm iSuppli, US iPhone users spend more time on their mobile devices texting, emailing, listening to music and surfing the net than any other mobile phone category.

iPhone owners spend less than half their time making calls on the device compared to nearly 75 percent for the average of the mobile phone market.

US consumers would also spend 5x more time surfing the net than other mobile phone users and are 5x more likely to listen to music as well.

iSuppli comments that although other smartphones like the HTC iTouch have similar usage trends to the iPhone, the fact that that millions are using the iConic Apple phone means that it outweighs the rest of the competition by a wide margin.

The popularity of the iPhone and the specifics of the average iPhone user has been something even Google took notice of.

In related news, an acute shortage of Apple iphone across the US has sparked rumours of a soon to be announced 3G iPhone; Piper Analyst Gene Munster said that Apple stores in the US are failing to keep up with the demand.

Other sources also mentioned that resellers are buying as many iPhones as they can, given that unlocking iPhones is now a mature line of business and that the Dollar is at an all time low.