Vista SP1 update is highlight of Microsoft Critical Patch bonanza

Tomorrow, April 8th, marks yet another Microsoft Critical patch update and this time around, even Windows Vista SP1 has not been spared, although it is only a few weeks old.

All of Microsoft's recent Operating systems are affected, including Vista and Server 2008 as are Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office XP to 2007 and Microsoft Project 2000 to 2003.

Here is Microsoft's Security Bulletin Advance Notification.

Amongst the flurry of patches are five which Microsoft deemed Critical; two will tackle vulnerabilities in IE7, two will target Windows and the last one will focus on Microsoft Office.

All the issues uncovered by Microsoft allow hackers to remotely execute code on the victims machine...

Two of the three remaining patches will solve spoofing and code elevation issues in Windows and the last one will eradicate Microsoft Office's security vulnerabilities.