Words of Wisdom? Gates pre-announces Windows Seven for 2009-ish

Whether premeditated or not, Bill Gates could have turned the pressure on his own company by pre-announcing the successor of Windows Vista, Seven, for 2009.

This directly contradicts an earlier comment from a Microsoft Spokesperson (see Windows Seven will not be launched in 2009, says Microsoft)

Bill Gates was replying to a question asked during a Q&A session at the Inter-American Development Bank and, if true, would indicate that Microsoft is well ahead in terms of Windows Seven development.

According to Cnet.com's Ina Fried, the emblematic Microsoft Chairman said "Sometime in the next year or so we will have a new version."

And talking about Windows 7, he said: "I'm super-enthused about what it will do in lots of ways."

Gates did not give more details about whether he was referring to a Beta, developer-oriented Windows Seven release, which is more plausible or a general widespread commercial release.

A Spokesperson told Cnn that Bill Gates was talking about the test version.

One thing is sure though, Windows Seven is already working, behind closed doors and in heavy alpha mode; the US government has already got a working version to play with.

Still 2 years is not a big way off and Bill Gates latest announcement could convince companies to stick with Windows XP and wait for the next Windows Seven before upgrading.