Apple to launch new, greener Macbook and Macbook Pro range

Apple, the iConic computer and consumer hardware manufacturer, is reportedly planning to completely overhaul its current Macbook and Macbook Pro range of laptops to make them greener.

AppleInsider has news that Apple will introduce more eco-friendly material like aluminium and stainless steel which are more expensive and more stylish than bog standard plastic.

Upgrading to more noble material would also help differentiate Apple's laptops from other laptop manufacturers and justify the price premium.

Similarly, this will allow Apple to present a more uniform Mac product matrix and bring down manufacturing prices as well.

The next major refresh which will also certainly see the introduction of more solid state based laptops and brand new processors from Intel, will happen in August or September, on time for the US Back to school period.

The laptops will also come with second generation Centrino-bound Penryn mobile chips running at speeds between 2.26GHz and 2.8GHz.

Apple will also have cracked the problem of finding the perfect heat sink as the laptop itself will help dissipate the heat generated by its components.