BT named and shamed as worst landline service provider in new survey

A customer satisfaction survey by uSwitch singled out BT as the worst landline provider; more than 11,000 customers voted across 9 categories (out of 11) that BT was the worst company of all.

This would mean that up to 3 million of BT's 10 million customers are disgruntled with the service offered by the telecom operator, although other home phone providers did not fared much better.

25 percent of householders are reportedly miffed by the service they receive from their respective phone companies; truth is that with the end of BT's monopoly on communication, competition means that price was (and still is) the main deciding feature.

More often than not though, BT is the only choice in a particular area, most alternative landline phone providers demand that you have a BT landline installed first which means that you have to wait for the BT contract to expire first before being able to look elsewhere.

BT responded to USwitch's survey by denying that it had higher level of dissatisfaction, saying that it was sceptical about the survey, especially as it came after what BT calls recent cuts.

Tiscali, which BT is rumoured to be eyeing, has seen its biggest drop in overall satisfaction, falling by 10 percent in the poll.

In other related news, Ben Verwaayen left as the Chief Executive of BT and will be replaced by Ian Livingston, the head of its retail division.

Verwaayen who joined BT from Telecoms company Lucent, was credited for transforming BT from a UK Telecom company to a global firm with strong consultancy and IT services operation, a move that saw BT acquiring a raft of companies from to Plusnet.