Ofcom to auction UK 4G radio spectrum in summer

UK Telecoms regulating body Ofcom has announced that it will auction spectrum bands (2500-2690 MHz and 2010-2025 MHz) on "a technology and service neutral basis".

The new freed spectrum - a total of 205MHz - is expected to be used mainly for next generation services like faster mobile broadband using either mobile WiMax or 3G LTE (Long Term Evolution) and to foster competition amongst the sector's actors.

Of particular interest is the 2.6GHz Spectrum which is considered as "prime spectrum" and forms part of a wider range of spectrum to be released in the forthcoming years.

Philip Rutnam, an Ofcom's partner in charge of spectrum policy, said: "The release of the 2.6 GHz radio spectrum will create opportunities for fresh innovation, new services and competition for the benefit of consumers in the UK."

Wireless Broadband is hot commodity with all major mobile providers - with the exception of O2 - currently providing with some sort of affordable (£20 or less) mobile broadband service.

More spectrum is expected to go under the hammer with the forthcoming analog TV switch off which should start later this year.