BBC and Tiscali bickering about streaming videos and iPlayer

Under-fire Internet Service Provider Tiscali has attacked BBC's proposals to boycott ISPs who would throttle, block or hinder their users' ability to access the Beeb's popular iPlayer online shows.

ISPs are worried that the surging popularity of video on demand services like the iPlayer, Channel Four 4OD and the forthcoming Kangaroo platform would all but kill ISPs in the current market.

Simon Gunter, head of strategy at Tiscali, said that the BBC was just rubbing salt on an open wound saying that "The question is about whether we invest in extra capacity or go to the consumer and ask them to pay a BBC tax"

"Inflammatory comments about blacklisting ISPs do not help. There seems to be a lack of understanding about how networks are built. Either we are not explaining it properly or it is falling on deaf ears."

Back in August 2007, Tiscali amongst other ISPs warned the BBC that iPlayer could "overload" their networks and earlier this year, Tiscali threatened to make BBC iPlayer users foot the bill if the content providers did not.

BBC has already announced that it would be developing a system similar to what Akamai already has in place : a Content Delivery Network that would allow ISPs to share their costs with the BBC; however making this a reality takes time and for-profit firms like Tiscali are getting impatient.