Confirmation : Apple 3G next gen iPhone to appear very soon

The makers of the ZiPhone iPhone tool have unearthed the most compelling evidence to date about the forthcoming 3G iPhone in Apple's latest Beta of its iPhone Software Development Kit.

Deep into the thousand of lines of codes is the presence of the six characters SGOLD3, which identifies the successor of the current SGOLD2 chipset used by the present iPhones.

The SGOLD3, from German manufacturer Infineon, supports the following features : HSDPA category 8 (7.2 Mbps), 5-megapixels digital camera, MPEG4/H.263 hardware acceleration and the possibility of video telephony, streaming, recording and playback.

The chipset also supports WCDMA which is popular in some Asian countries.

Obviously, Apple can choose to disable some of those features or include them in a premium versio of the next generation iPhone.

ZiPhone is a nifty little application that allows iPhone users to unlock any version of their iPhones without much hassle although as in all cat and mouse games, things can change overnight.