Research : Parents are more web savvy than other adults

Adults with kids around are likely to engage more with the web (and know how to use it) than those who don't have families.

A report compiled by the European Interactive Advertising Association (EIAA) shows that people living with children are 40 percent more likely to use the web on a weekly basis than those who don't.

The interviews, which were carried out in September 2007 through 7008 phone interviews, found out that people with toddlers and very young children, prefer health and film websites.

Parents with slightly older children go to gaming websites while those in the 10-to-15-year bracket visited price comparison websites more frequently while parents with older teenagers (16-18) preferred TV websites, presumably to catchup TV series they hadn't had the opportunity to watch a decade earlier.

The research did not expand on whether the parents surfed the internet with their children more often than not (especially at the later stage).

According to the EIAA, web-savvy parents spend nearly 12 hours a week surfing the web - that's more than 90 minutes of quality time a day.