Say hello to Greynets

Had a very interesting chat earlier today with Nick Sears, EMEA vice president with FaceTime Communications, on the subject of Greynets.

Greynets are a new term in IP communications and refer to those applications and/or Web services that use highly evasive techniques to traverse an IP network.

Services like FaceBook, YouTube and other Web 2.0 applications are classic examples of Greynets, but so are some of the latest instant messaging clients.

What Greynets have in common is the ability to - quite literally - punch a hole through a firewall or similar IT security system to get their IP traffic across.

What's interesting about Greynets is their ability to side-step conventional IT security applications.

The bad news is that you need next-generational IT security software - from the likes of FaceTime and others - to protect your company IT resources.

This is because traditional IT security applications aren't engineered to cope with these new services...