3G iPhone to be priced at £200, launches in 63 days says report

It looks as if Walt Mossberg, the Wall Street Journal Technology analyst who said that the soon to be released Apple 3G iPhone will appear in 56 days, might be wrong by one week after all.

TG Daily was told by a source close to Apple that the iPhone will be launched at the WWDC 2008, Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference which will be held on June 9-13, in San Francisco.

The iPhone v2 will have a price tag, similar to the current generation iPhone, starting at $399 with 8GB of memory with a 16GB version costing $100 extra.

A 32GB has not been ruled out although it seems that Apple seems to have simultaneous launches of new iPhones and iTouch, the latter with twice the amount of memory of the former.

Apple, they've been told, will still have the same graphical user interface and will stick to the same software stack with only minor changes.

The iPhone will still come with a non-replaceable battery and TG daily's source has not provided more information about whether the digital camera will be upgraded, whether there will be (a) flash and whether the next iPhone will ban plastic.