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eBay fraudster rakes in £170,000. Allegedly.

Even though eBay is doing its best to protect - and being seen to protect - the interests of online shoppers, it seems that fraud is still around on the auction site.

According to the latest ComputerActive magazine (opens in new tab), an eBay fraudster who ripped punters off last year has struck again.

The computer paper says that the seller offered goods for sale on the online auction site and received payments by postal order but never sent the goods to buyers.

Postal orders? Are they mad? -Ed.

More than 200 more people have been ripped by the eBayer, who calls himself Sidozey, but police believe he raked in at least £170,000 since last September.

ComputerActive (opens in new tab) reckons that Sidozey is linked to a Tony Overington in London, although eBay has said that Overington's account has been hacked. As a result, the police didn't investigate further.

Interestingly, police say that the postal orders that punters sent in were cashed at a Baker Street Post Office in London. The Post Office, meanwhile, says that Tony Overington had worked at the office, but had since left (a week ago).

According to ComputerActive, the magazine "tracked down Mr Overington's mobile phone number and two email addresses but he has not responded to our requests to contact us about the matter."

eBay: we've sold the fraud problem. Yeah. Riiiiiight....