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LaCie 500GB External Hard Drive USB2.0 Black - Retail

One of the smallest desktop hard drives on the market, it offers a minimal footprint and light weight. Setup is nearly effortless; it's plug & play and ready to use just seconds after removing it from the box. LaCie '1-Click' Backup Software for PC and Mac(R) is included for quickly saving files in one click.

This stunning external hard drive capable of storing 500GB worth of data is on sale at Ebuyer (opens in new tab) with free delivery.

Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Universality

With Hi-Speed USB 2.0 interface, this universal hard drive makes a great companion to your PC or Mac. Even use it as a reliable data shuttle between USB-equipped desktop and laptop computers.

Advantages of Hi-Speed USB 2.0 include: universal compatibility, cross-platform convenience, hot-pluggable connections, and high speed transfer rates.This drive comes pre-formatted for use across Windows(R) & Mac OSplatforms.

Discreet Design & Function

The LaCie Desktop Hard Disk adds unique, sophisticated style to your desktop with a quiet, unobtrusive presence. Its sleek, all-black body has a tough metal top cover for advanced heat dissipation and the
bottom has vents for natural airflow.

This smartly engineered design allows for near-silent, fanless operation.

The Simple Storage Tool
The user-friendly, cost-efficient LaCie Desktop Hard Disk is a great storage tool for laptops or workstations.

Use it to regularly back up your entire system or upgrade capacity when your computer's hard drive is full.

Conveniently download digital photos or save tons of MP3 music files.

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