Nintendo Wii-lling to collaborate with BBC on iPlayer

The BBC's Video on Demand service, iPlayer, will be available to Nintendo Wii users through the bundled Opera Internet Browser; the current version lacks all the bells and whistles that PC users can enjoy.

But the Beeb has promised that an updated version will come in a few months which will make the Wii, yet another outlet to watch programmes via the popular iPlayer.

It is not surprising that the BBC has chosen the Nintendo Wii (rather than the Xbox 360 or the Playstation 3) to deploy the iPlayer given Microsoft and Sony's reluctance to reduce their stranglehold on whatever content goes into their gaming console.

For Nintendo, it is yet another win, albeit a small one, consolidating its status as the most popular next gen gaming console in the UK. No news as to whether Channel Four will look into doing the same thing with 4OD.

Obviously, a broadband connection is needed, something that will pile even more pressure on ISPs.

More than 17.2 million BBC programmes have been downloaded or streamed via the iPlayer in March 2008, that's a staggering 25 percent increase over the previous month; at this rate, the 100 million programmes streamed or downloaded barrier will be broken in August.