Opera Mini challenges Mozilla Fennec in booming Mobile Market

Norwegian Browser Opera is set to affront Mozilla's own Fennec browser in what promises to be a battle of epic proportion even before Microsoft introduces its own updated mobile internet browser.

Opera announced that its Opera Mini Browser has been released for Google Android platform; the browser, which has 40 million users worldwide, is also used in the Nintendo Wii console and in numerous other portable devices.

Opera CEO, Jon von Tetzchner, said in a statement : "Opera Mini will be able to empower users of Android-based handsets with access to all of their favourite Web sites with popular features for smooth effects and scalable, tailored viewing."

Meanwhile, Mozilla is looking at the next big thing after Firefox 3.0 is launched and it looks as if the entity is going to concentrate all its energy towards delivering a higher performance, low memory footprint browser codenamed Fennec, which in real life is a little fox which lives in Deserts and sports over sized ears.

According to Arstechnica, several improvements, most importantly in memory management means that the Fennec browser will be a fast one; early tests shows that it is noticeably faster than the MicroB browser that comes wtih the Nokia's OS2008 platform.